Made in America


Good Morning America!

I thank you for this opportunity in sharing my song. "Made In America" is by far the most exciting and invigorating song and album of my career that I have written and recorded up till now.

I plan to travel and perform this song for our soldiers anywhere they are stationed in America and around the world.

NYCI dedicate this song to all our brave military men and women in uniform, police officers, fire fighters, and all first responders, including all verterans who selflessly defend and have defended our enduring freedom here in America each and every day of our lives!   Your unprecedented service, dedication, courage and strength is the backbone of the woven fabric of our nation that will never tear and represents the steel and iron bond of a nation that will never bend or break.  

Thank you for your service! Never forgetting our fallen heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice, may your memories be forever eternal! My love, dedication and devotion to each of you and your families will forever remain steadfast.

God Bless! God Speed!

"Made In America" by Ted Miller is now available on iTunes


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