Written,  produced and sung by Ted Miller, lead singer of the band Liberty Rings, “Liberty Rings” hails the sacrifices American heroes have made in preserving Americas Freedom and Democracy in America while also defending Freedom, Liberty and Human Rights around the world always honoring our brave men and women in uniform. The pulse of freedom is what unifies human beings and it is this birth right that every human being around the world should have to celebrate Freedom and Liberty like we do in America as well as in many of our Allied Nations.

Ted recently returned from Washington DC where he performed his debut performance of Liberty Rings for the Victims Of Communism Organization (VOC) in support of Political Prisoners in Cuba.  He also recently performed his titled song “Christmas Joy” for a charity event at Mar-A-Lago benefiting A Safe Haven for New Borns. Ted greatly believes each and every individual should have the ability to live a life based upon Liberty and freedom. He denounces the devastating effects of communism on society and the Ill willed nature of communist regimes much like the Castro Regime in Cuba. Liberty rings praises the greatness of America in defending Liberty around the world. It speaks of the faith that other nations have for our great nation. He speaks of America, being a symbol of hope to people all around the world, who only dream to be a part of the Liberty and freedom we celebrate at home in America. God Bless the USA the land I love.


Made In America, the title single from Ted and the band’s first album,  praises our nation, our heroic first responders, our soldiers and our people. It unifies an exciting beat, a proud message of achievement and a pulsating rhythm with Ted’s husky baritone to make you proud to be an American, no matter who and what you are, where you come from or the color of your skin.

A song also written, produced and sung by Ted Miller,  it praises American ingenuity,  leadership in the development and exploration of technology, internet and space.

“Made In America” hails the sacrifices America’s heroes have made in preserving and safeguarding our homeland. It treasures our wounded warriors, embraces America’s veterans and embraces the immigrants who enrich our lives and economic well being. We will never forget the selfless men and women who made the greatest sacrifice for our nation.

A percentage of the revenue earned from sales of all songs sold by Ted Miller Music, Inc. will be donated to American Gold Star Mother’s, Inc.  (, ToysForTots.Org and several other (501c3) non-profit organizations.

“Made In America” is now available and may be downloaded from iTunes and most online stores.

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Ted Miller is an All American Patriot.
Singer – Songwriter – Businessman, honored nine times in the Congressional Record, U.S. Congress, U.S. House of Representatives for his service and dedication in serving and honoring America’s military Veterans in personal support, song and financial contributions as a civilian volunteer over the years.

Ted also serves as a proud member and 2nd Lieutenant in the Civil Air Patrol, which today serves as the official civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force (USAF), and is a long time member of the United States Air & Space Force Association (AFA).

Ted was born in Miami, FL, raised between Miami and New York where his family owned two summer resorts in the Catskills. Ted prides himself on being the youngest student to ever attend the University of Miami at the age of six years old where he first began to play the drums taking drum lessons. Ted after graduating high school in Miami, attended college in New Jersey on a tennis scholarship and later graduated from Florida International University. Ted’s Mom is a New York native and Father a proud U.S. Army veteran from Virginia.

Musical achievements

Ted and his band Liberty Ring with their newest Song “Liberty Rings” are beginning to gain much recognition following their last album debut “Made In America“ encompassing 12 songs, highlighting Ted’s diversity as an artist including his signature All American Rock n’ Roll. Their title song “Liberty Rings” heralds the sacrifices our Heroes have made in selflessly defending and risking their lives every day in preserving America’s Freedom and Democracy. It also praises America as the promise land, and a beacon of light and hope for human beings tormented by tyranny and dying under the suppression of communist regimes like that the Castro regime in Cuba.

Ted has proudly participated in several hundred benefit events and charity concerts, and recently performed a Liberty Rings debut for the Victims Of Communism Organization (VOC) in Washington DC Feb 1st 2023 in support of Cuban Political prisoners. He has also performed for several Trump rallies in Florida to honor our Military and Veterans, Police Officers, Fire Fighters and all First Responders. He has set the stage for speakers such as General Flynn, Roger Stone, Bill Mitchell and many America First MAGA Congressional Candidates including Carla Spalding a south Florida favorite for U.S. Congress running for office in 2024.

Ted has composed hundreds of songs over the years and first recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra at the famed Abbey Road Studios in London. Ted was invited to open for Ringo Starr with a potential guest appearance by Paul McCartney at Bethel Woods Performing Arts Center in Bethel New York for the 50th year Anniversary of Woodstock, but did not materialize.

Ted had remained active with military and veterans affairs. Ted received the highest award bestowed upon a civilian as part of the American Legion. He performed for dignitaries in the U.S. and from around the world including a live performance on Capitol Hill for Members of Congress honoring our Military and Veterans as part of the VANMMG. He performed at the Bethesda Naval Hospital and Walter Reed in Washington D.C. and for many years at the Bruce W. Carter Miami VA in Miami FL. Ted also gave a special solo performance for our American Gold Star Mothers National Banquet in Washington, D.C. years ago. From the USAF, Directorate of Intelligence and Special Operation Forces Dining Out Dinners, to Fourth of July Parades all throughout South Florida, Ted is now finding his way to the international stage with his band Liberty Ring to help enhance the National Morale and Spirit of our Nation with their patriotic songs “Liberty Rings” and Made In America” at a time when our Nation needs it the most.

Business Background

After graduation from college, Ted initially pursued a career in music as a hobby, which had long been a love as a child having first started playing the drums. He also spent years as a farmer growing tropical fruits and flowers in sunny south Florida. Simultaneously, Ted used his intimate familiarity in real estate in both Miami and New York to profitably buy and sell real estate in partnerships and as a consultant for many years.

Ted also remains in the process of writing and recording many new songs as he has over the years and is also currently is in the planning stages in partnership in New York State’s Hudson River Valley to venture in a major real estate development as he remains active as a real estate consultant in Florida as well as New York’s Hudson River Valley.


Ted is a Miami, FL, native and attended Gulliver Academy, Gulliver Preparatory High School and Miami Killian Senior High. He graduated from Miami Killian Senior High School in 1987.

Ted attended Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, N.J. on a tennis scholarship during his first year of college. He attended Florida International University (FIU); Miami FL. as a sophomore and graduated from FIU with a Bachelor of Science in International Business and Marketing.

Ted Miller – News


Good Morning America!

Liberty Rings!

Miami, FL. USA

I dedicate this song to all our brave military men and women in uniform, police officers, fire fighters, and all first responders, including all veterans who selflessly defend and have defended our enduring freedom here in America each and every day of our lives!   Your unprecedented service, dedication, courage and strength is the backbone of the woven fabric of our nation that will never tear and represents the steel and iron bond of a nation that will never bend or break.

Thank you for your service! Never forgetting our fallen heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice, may your memories be forever eternal! My love, dedication and devotion to each of you and your families will forever remain steadfast.

I also dedicate this song to the American people! I pray that one day  everybody around the world, who believes in freedom and dreams of freedom, will  one day live in a free and democratic society.

God Bless! God Speed!

“Made In America” by Ted Miller is now available on iTunes.

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